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Our Masonry & Fireplace Services

Providing quality masonry and fireplace services for homeowners across Connecticut.  Our services include gas stove cleaning, chimney repairs and more.

Cleaning Services

All wood and pellet inserts and stoves need regular maintenance and cleaning from time to time.  This helps to keep your heater working at its best, maintaining efficiency and continuing to deliver quality heat to your home.  If you do not regularly clean your wood or pellet stove for example, your stove may stop working effectively.  Furthermore burning a dirty stove on a regular basis can prove a safety concern for you and your family if left for long periods of time.  We offer the following services for cleaning of wood, gas and pellet products:

Cleaning of wood inserts, stoves, and fireplaces – Includes cleaning of fire box and flue and general inspection of chimney, caps, and stove: $235.00
Cleaning of gas insert, stoves, and fireplaces – Includes disassembly and cleaning of all burners, logs and lighting pilot (where needed). Our insert and gas stove cleaning also includes cleaning of the glass for a “good as new” look: $225.00
Cleaning of pellet stoves and inserts – Our pellet insert and stove cleaning includes everything you need to keep your appliance working at its best, including: Cleaning of glass, motors, blowers, and burn pot and a complete blow out of the exhaust system – $255.00
Gas Log Cleaning – Our gas log cleaning service includes cleaning of your gas log sets, burner and lighting the pilot (where needed) – $225.00

Fireplace Servicing

Legend G3.5 Gas InsertWe provide a complete service for your stove, insert or fireplace.  $125.00 per hour plus materials

Pellet stove service

Full service for your pellet stove, available for all brands and models! Keep your pellet stove working at its best with a service from Superior Stone & Fireplace

Pellet Insert Service

Our pellet service includes ignition test, heat exchanger cleaning, seal leak testing and complete diagnostic check to maintain a good working insert.

Pellet Fireplace Service

All fireplaces need servicing from time to time to continue working at their best. We provide

Service on wood or pellet stoves, inserts, and fireplaces – We provide a complete service for your stove, insert or fireplace.  $125.00 per hour plus materials

Other Services

Chimney Relining – Price varies depending on the height of the chimney, site visit required – call to book: (203)717-4629
Dryer vent cleaning – $125.00 per hour
Chimney cap installation – $125.00 per hour plus materials
Chimney and masonry repairs – These vary depending on the extent of the damage and material needed. A site visit will be required – call to book today!
In-shop regasketing – $75.00 plus materials
Gutter cleaning – Our price may vary depending on height of roof and length of gutters, site visit needed – call to schedule your gutter cleaning service today!
Powerwash, re-seal, or re-poly pavers – price varies depending on s job, site visit needed – call to book

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