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BioBricks are a homegrown success story; not just for the Bristol, CT company that makes them, but for the Connecticut homeowners who use them in their stoves.

Superior Stone & Fireplace have been stocking Bio Bricks for a number of years and they always sell out early.


Here are 10 benefits of heating with BioBricks:


1. Enjoy longer burning times

BioBricks are specially optimized to burn for longer; they achieve this by compounding the wood into dense bricks which take longer to burn and burn more completely.


2. More consistent burning

BioBricks are all uniform in size and shape, so they burn consistently.  Normal wood on the other hand comes in all shapes and sizes and can be far more variable.


3. Cleaner burn – No creosote

Due to their ability to burn optimally, BioBricks are cleaner than cord wood.  They burn more completely and produce minimal smoke, ash and no creosote (a likely carcinogen and known imitator to the respiratory tract).


4. Convenient to store

One of the most popular benefits of BioBricks is how easily they’re stored. Because of their uniform shape they stack well, this also applies to the stove too, making it easier and more economical to load up.

Their compact shape means they could take up as much as 2/3 less space than cord wood.


5. Slightly less messy

You don’t need to worry about loose bark or dirt falling around your house, but bio bricks can shed sawdust, so they’re not 100% mess free.

But they are definitely less messy for your stove!


6. Clean your stove less often

BioBricks provides a more complete, cleaner burn which produces less ash.  Less ash for you to cleanup in your stove, so you can get away with cleaning it less.


7. They are critter free

It’s a bit difficult for bugs and mice to make their home inside a wood brick.  You’ll find that BioBricks don’t come with the risk of critters like a wood pile does.


8. They’re better for the environment

This benefit is two-fold.  Firstly BioBricks are more sustainable as they are made from leftover material in the timber industry.  Secondly since they burn more efficiently in the stove, they release less harmful emissions into the atmosphere.


9. Better value

By now you should get the sense that BioBricks are definitely more economical than wood logs.  They burn longer, hotter and more completely and so you need less of them, saving you money.


10. Your supporting the timber industry

Wood cutters get a better rate for their timber by being able to sell off the waste product (sawdust) which is used in BioBricks.



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