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Mulch InstallationMulch is a great way of adding beauty and practicality to your landscape.  There are numerous benefits to using mulch such as making your garden easier to maintain, improving the health of your plants and more.


Benefits of Mulch

There are numerous benefits to using mulch, including:

Helps prevent soil erosion

Mulch helps to prevent soil erosion by protecting the soil from rain and water sprinklers.  When applied to flowerbeds, mulch helps to prevent the flow of water allowing it to be absorbed into the soil, instead of running off as waste.

Adding beauty to your landscape

Perhaps one of the most popular uses for mulch is to add beauty and decoration to an outdoor space.  Adding mulch is an excellent way to add beauty and style of and flowerbed or outdoor landscape.

Helps prevent loss of water

Mulches prevent loss of moisture from the soil by evaporation during warmer, drier months. Moisture moves by capillary action to the surface and evaporates if mulch does not cover the soil. Sun and wind hasten this loss of moisture.

Reduces impact of weeds

Mulch is an excellent way of helping to reduce the effect of weeds on your plants and landscape.  Mulch helps to prevent weeds from rooting themselves into your soil, and furthermore acts as a way of preventing sunlight from reaching and germinating any weeds that find themselves in your flowerbeds!

Helps maintain soil temperature

Mulch is an excellent way of regulating the temperature of your soil.  Mulch helps to keep your soil cooler in the spring/summer and warmer in the winter as temperatures drop.

Helps to improve soil

Over time organic mulches break down and help to improve your soil.  Like a slow release fertilizer, mulch can be particularly beneficial if your soil fertility is often poor.


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