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Throughout the years, fireplaces in homes have provided comfort, warmth, and a steady wood-burning flame to cook the day’s meals over. Nowadays, fireplaces are in more modern settings, fireplaces are also visually appealing, and they are decorated fireplace accessories to make them the focal point of a home. Fireplace Doors are accessories that add beauty to the fireplace and also have a functional, efficient purpose, they also add significantly to the safety of your fireplace.

Adding a glass door to your wood fireplace is a simple and inexpensive way of giving your wood fireplace a new look. At Superior Stone and Fireplace in Connecticut, we feel there are many benefits to installing a glass fireplace doors to your wood fireplace. Most people believe that glass doors are just accessories, but they are more than that. Glass doors have multiple purposes that most homeowners are not aware of. We want to share with you the great benefits of adding glass doors to your wood fireplace to improve the appearance, the efficient, and the safety of your wood fireplace. Below are some of the benefits of adding glass doors to your wood fireplace.

Improve Home Safety

The glass door will act as a barrier between the fire and your home. A single spark can cause a piece of furniture to catch fire or worst, and it can cause a house fire. Adding glass doors will help keep the sparks inside the fireplace and keep your home safe. A glass door is ideal in a family home to prevent your children or pets from getting injured by the fire. While the glass door can protect you from getting burnt, the glass doors can burn you if you touch them when hot. So its recommended to buy a protective screen in front of the fireplace to keep your children from getting burnt. With our latching cabinet mesh doors to keep logs inside the fireplace, to prevent any accidents even when the glass doors are open.


Better Energy Efficiency

Having an open fireplace is similar to an open window, by adding a glass door will help reduce the flowing air through the fireplace opening by up to 99%. With a properly designed fireplace, the air will naturally be drawn from your home to vent smoke. Adding a glass door doubles the efficiency rate by tripling the heat that enters the house. Rather than being blocked in the fireplace, the heat will radiate into the room through the glass doors.


Improves Beauty and Style

The benefit of adding a glass door to your wood fireplace, glass doors come in many colors, shapes, and styles. It doesn’t matter the type of décor you have in your home; there are available glass fireplace doors for a perfect match. There are different designs, such as traditional or modern, classic and contemporary, and a large palette of colors and trim accents. A glass fireplace door will add an impressive design and beauty to your room décor with or without a fire behind them.

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