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The good weather seems here to stay and home owners are beginning to think about their landscaping projects for the spring/summer.  When it comes to adding color and style to your landscape, mulch can be an affordable solution.

Mulch can be used to add decoration to your landscape, prevent soil erosion, nurture plants and a whole lot more.  Whatever you are looking to achieve with mulch, we house one of the largest selections of bulk stone and mulch in CT.

For a limited time buy 10 yards of mulch and get 1 yard free from Superior Stone & Fireplace.

Whatever your outdoor project, whether residential or commercial, mulch is a highly versatile product that can add beauty, charm and practical properties to your landscape.  Take a look at our selection of bulk stone and mulch to choose the right product for you, or visit our store in Hamden, CT.


Quick – Hassle FREE Mulch Installation in CT

Mulch Delivery TruckMulch blowing is a relatively new method of installing mulch and bulk stone, using a specialist vehicle a mulch blower can achieve a professional finish in a fraction of the time of a manual installation.

Mulch blowing is the preferred method for many since it causes minimal disruption and doesn’t leave piles of mulch left on your driveway.

With our mulch blowing service, we will deliver and install your choioce of mulch or bulk stone in no time at all!  Our mulch delivery truck can carry 20 yards of mulch and install up to 80 yards in a day. (Minimum of 10 yards requirement).


To order your choice of mulch or bulk stone with 1 yard free, call:(203) 287-0839, or visit our store in Hamden CT today.  Hurry while stocks last!


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