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“Everyone at Superior Stone and Fireplace is helpful no matter what the request. I would recommend this business to everyone I know.”

Margaret S

“Great installation and service. They advised us on the right insert that worked best in our home. Thank you!”

Eileen C

“Very professional!”

Happy Customer

“Lots to choose from at the yard – great experience. Thanks!!”

Raafat T

“The service was prompt,the work is of high quality.it was refreshing to meet someone who is knowledgeable and enjoying what he is doing.”


Palma L

“I find Superior Stone very dependable. Delivery is on time and the drivers and gentlemen who deliver the bags are very professional. I would definitely recommend superior Stone to everyone.”


Carol B

“No problems. Very prompt in delivering once we established a business account .”



“Good Guys, Good Service, Good Products.”


Joan L

Our Regency wood burning fireplace insert is amazing. We are very glad we decided to make this purchase from Superior Stone: You sized it properly for our house. Because of the large fireplace opening, you helped us select a simple but elegant fireplace surround that looks stunning. The installation was seamless. As a rookie, I appreciated your guidance in using the insert properly. We had two minor issues, a handle stuck and a rod fell. On both occasions Superior Stone was here for an adjustment by the next day. Now that we have used it for a full season, it seems as if we’ve always had it. We should have found you sooner! All the best.


Harry P

After 2 years using a Regency wood burning insert to heat my 1500 sq. ft home, I have saved enough on my heat bills to not only pay for the unit but purchased a log splitter. Not only is the savings an advantage it is also rewarding to know using a renewable source of energy does less to harm the environment. I thank S S & F for their very knowledgeable staff and professional installation


Steven F

I bought my Green Egg primarily to smoke fish, turkey and ribs. Boy does it do a great job. Our Thanksgiving turkey tasted so great we smoked a turkey for Christmas too. It is amazing how well you can control the temperature to smoke “low and slow”. The ribs are so tender they fall off the bone. What really surprised me was how well the Egg works for brick oven style pizza. Thanks to the crew at Superior Stone & Fireplace for being so helpful.