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Wood insert vs Wood Fireplace


What comes into your mind when you hear the word fireplace? A major benefit of a fireplace is heat. However, there is much more to a fireplace. It enhances the interior design and comfort in your home. So, it is an essential asset for every home. However, to have one, you require constructing a chimney to direct smoke and air outside, which can be costly.

In current days, things are changing. You will not need the expensive chimney construction. The fire inserts allow everyone to enjoy indoor comfort. They are ventured directly to the outdoor through a pipe.

Imagine having an inviting fireplace in your living room or bedroom? It creates a decorative element that makes your space cozy and a relaxing spot, which can help to remove away stress. Nevertheless, using an old-fashioned fireplace can lead to high levels of smoke and result in expensive repairs. Good news! Installing a fireplace insert will help to reduce the cost of masonry repair.

If you estimate the cost of renovating a fireplace or a chimney, you will realize that it will be costly. But the process of purchasing and installing an insert is quick, easy, and affordable. Here are more differences between the fireplace and inserts:



A fireplace is built with stones, tiles, or bricks and connects to the chimney. A fireplace insert is vented using venting systems and pots to the outside of the house. Inserts are smaller than the fireplace. They consist of self-contained units that are installed into the existing fireplace.



During winter, you might need more heat to provide warmth in your house. The inserts generate more heat because of the vast open combustion design. Also, it features a closed-door insulated system. This creates a fire that burns slowly and generates more heat.


Stylish design

Every kind of fire is essential for homeowners. But think about the beauty and décor of your home. The main purpose of a fireplace is to provide warmth. However, some people are concerned about their home décor. In such a case, a fire insert can be your option. It provides various options for you to choose from. Also, you can get inserts that include fans to distribute heat and help you to regulate fire.


Choices of heat sources

The fireplaces offer limited choices of heat sources. However, the insert has unlimited chances of selecting one that will match your needs. Having one will depend on your preferences. The heat sources include:

Regency Hampton HI300 Wood Insert

Wood insert fireplace

Does your existing wood fireplace require repair? Then, you don’t have to invest a lot of time and money in renovation. A wood insert is a good solution. It is an efficient heating method that improves the heat output and reduces harmful by-product emission.


Regency LRI6E Gas Insert

Gas insert

A great way to modernize your fireplace and increase the heat output is by using the gas insert. It is a budget-friendly method of ensuring comfort in your home.

Fireplaces are essential in every home. They create a relaxing ambiance as well as provide warmth in a room. In the old days, wood was the only source of the fire. But in modern days, there are various choices. One can use a fireplace or an insert.




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