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Gas fireplaces rank as the #1 decorative feature

Valor H5 Gas FireplaceA gas fireplace creates an undeniable focal point in any room.  They bring warmth and charm a the home for many years. They have a way of making a room seem more inviting, even when they’re not in use.  It seems most people agree; in fact fireplaces are continually ranked among the most desired features when buying a home.

Over 63% of home buyers said that a fireplace would influence their decision when purchasing a property.

But a fireplace won’t only increase the chance of someone buying you’re home.  They may be prepared to pay more as well.

A study by the National Center for Real Estate Research found that on average adding a fireplace boosts a home’s value by 12%.  

Of course, just how valuable a fireplace is to people often depends on the location.  In colder parts of the US for instance, buyers may be prepared to spend more then they would elsewhere.  That’s good news for homeowners in Connecticut where winters can be particularly cold.

Overall a cost-effective fireplace could help to seal the deal, and save you months of stress and work trying to sell your home.


Is a gas fireplace right for your home?

Almost any home can be furnished with a fireplace. Most fireplaces require a flue for the fumes to exit the home, if you don’t already have one then some construction may be involved, otherwise you may opt for a vent less gas fireplace.

  • A wood fireplace always needs a chimney
  • A gas fireplace can be installed with or without a vent/flue

Vent less fireplaces are a popular in condos, apartments and homes where a vent or chimney would not be practical.


What type of fireplace do people prefer?

A 2016 study found that a wood fireplace was overwhelmingly the most desired with 59.6% of respondents saying that they would prefer to use and/or own one. 21.56% said they would prefer a gas fireplace.

If you are environmentally conscious, you might prefer a direct-vent gas fireplace; not only do the fumes go outside the home but any fumes that do enter the environment will be significantly cleaner than a wood fireplace. Of course your home does need a gas supply.


Get more bang for your buck

If you want to maximize the value of your fireplace, both monetarily and in your enjoyment up until you sell your home, there are some things you can do.  Consider that a fireplace is often the stand-out feature in a room. Think about what fireplace surrounds might work in your room, mantels and even log color (for gas fireplaces) can all make an impact.

If you’d like help with fireplace masonry and design, don’t hesitate to call and speak to one of our team members: (203) 287-0839


Importance of professional installation

It’s important to ensure your fireplace is installed properly. You don’t want to create problems with potential buyers who discover that your fireplace poses safety risks.

A professional installer will make sure that your fireplace is installed to the correct state and national codes, in the correct locations and help to prevent future problems.

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