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Types of Organic Mulch


Not sure which type of mulch to choose?

For most people organic bark mulches are the preferred choice.  While any mulch will add to the aesthetics of a landscape, organic bark has numerous additional benefits, not least giving back to the environment when it eventually decomposes.

When choosing the right mulch you’ll want to consider species, size, color and longevity among other things.

The most common types of bark mulch purchased are cedar, hemlock and pine.  Each are popular for their own reasons, and while similar there are some differences that can help you to choose between the three.


Hemlock vs Cedar vs Pine Compared


Hemlock mulch

hemlock mulch








Hemlock is a popular, premium mulch desired for it’s attractive dark red and orange colors.  Many people choose hemlock for its aesthetic look over other organic mulches.  Hemlock is highly acidic so good for plants that like acidity but not as good for others.  Like cedar Hemlock delivers nutrients slowly into the soil compared to some other mulches.


  • Lasts a long time – slow to compost
  • Maintains color for a long time
  • High in vitamin C
  • Very aromatic
  • Bug repellent


  • Can prevent water from penetrating soil when shredded – chips may be preferred

Superior Stone & Fireplace has natural and red hemlock mulch available.


Cedar mulch

Cedar Mulch








Cedar is a naturally red hued bark though it can be dyed brighter red, black or brown.  It’s long lasting which makes it a little more expensive than pine but slower to break down so if you want mulch to particularly nurture your soil cedar will take longer.


  • Lasts a long time – slow to compost
  • Rot resistant – slow to decay
  • Pleasant smelling
  • Pest repellent


Superior Stone & Fireplace has natural cedar, black cedar and red cedar available.


Pine bark

black pine mulch








Pine is a popular choice of organic bark mulch since it’s inexpensive and practical.


  • Slow to decompose
  • Rich dark color
  • Pleasant pine smell
  • Inexpensive


  • Low direct nutritional value

Superior Stone & Fireplace has black, mahogany and premium brown pine available.

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