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Belpasso is one of the highest performing pavers on the market.  You can expect a smooth but virtually indestructible surface through Unilock’s TitanTec™ technology and what’s more its stain resistant and no-slip properties make it an incredibly low-maintenance paver you can rely on..

With EnduraColor™ Plus manufacturing technology, your Belpasso pavers will offer the same new-like radiance even after years of wear and tear.


Suitable for residential & commercial driveways – Can manage high vehicular traffic.


Available Patterns:

Pattern A – Rectangle (67%) Square (33%)

Pattern B – Rectangle (67%) Square (33%)

Pattern C – Rectangle (50%) Square (50%)

Pattern D – Rectangle (89%) Square (11%)

Pattern E  – Rectangle (50%) Square (50%)

Pattern G – Rectangle (67%) Square (33%)

Pattern H – Rectangle (67%) Square (33%)

Pattern I – Rectangle (100%)



Available Colors