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Mulch Blowing Service in CT

Fast & efficient mulch installation service with a professional finish


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Unlike traditional landscaping methods mulch blowing provides less waste and less of an impact from piles of mulch left on your driveway!  Our mulch delivery truck can carry up to 20 yards of mulch and install 80 yards a day.   Hire this truck and installers, starting at $28.00 per yard. For labor only. Mulch must be provided by contractor.

We stock a selection of premium bark mulch suitable for landscaping and playgrounds which can be installed in a matter of hours.

Our mulch selections come from various manufacturers throughout the US, and have been approved for use by meeting Superior Stone & Landscape Supply´s quality standards for its customers.


Benefits of Mulch Installation

  • Prevent Weed Growth
  • Enhances your landscape
  • Helps prevent soil erosion
  • Controls Moisture Levels
  • Cools Soil in summer

Why Use a Mulch Blower?

  • Quicker installation
  • Minimal impact
  • Professional finish every time

We provide a wide range of quality mulch at our store in Hamden, CT.

Give your outdoor space a neat, professional look with mulch spreading service.



Mulch for Residential and Commercial Use

Create your dream outdoor retreat with our selection of mulch products for the home.

Our residential mulch also helps encourage give the the right conditions your vegetation by providing effective erosion control and moist growing conditions for your landscaping.

No matter the size of your commercial property our cutting edge landscape mulch will ensure a quality, even distribution for your planting beds and outdoor space.

Choose from our variety of premium mulch products and let our mulch blowers do all the hard work!

Dark Bark

black pine, mulch
Black Pine

hemlock, mulch

Natural Cedar

Premium Brown Pine
red cedar, mulch
Red Cedar



IPEMA Certified Playground Mulch

Is your playground mulch up to IPEMA standards? IPEMA stands for International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association, which looks after all companies and manufacturers that deal with the installation and maintenance of play structures. Here at Superior Stone, we always install IPEMA-certified playground mulch. This mulch goes through a series of tests to determine it is being manufactured appropriately and free of any debris. Special magnets and screens are used to ensure that no harmful products such as glass, metal, magnets, etc are processed and end up in the mulch. An inspector thoroughly quality checks the product to ensure it is up to code. Be sure to follow CT’s regulations! Protect the kids from falls and scraped knees all summer long.

playground, mulch

Playground Mulch



Compost installation now available as well! Enrich existing garden and flower beds and over seed lawns in dead areas.











Let us edge your beds for a crisp clean look! Call for a price quote!!

We can apply weed control after mulch blowing to reduce weed growth up to 80%! Add weed control to your mulch blowing service – call for a quote today!

We now offer bed edging! Get crisp, clean edges on all of your mulch beds – and have it al done in-house! We can come out prior to your mulch installation and edge all your beds for a fair price! 70 ft minimum to edge the beds – call us for a price quote and to book your appointment!






Bulk Stone & Mulch Blowing Service – We offer Delivery in CT

We deliver bulk stone, landscape mulch and top soil throughout Connecticut.  Call us to schedule a mulch spreading service today!