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More heat, less mess..

At Superior Stone & Fireplace we stock Northern Warmth wood pellets for your pellet burning insert or stove.

Northern Warmth are made of 100% softwood sawdust with no bark, additives, or contaminants. These pellets not only meet the standards set by the Pellet Fuel Institute, but exceed these expectations.

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Cleaner, more efficient heating..

Northern Warmth pellets have less than 4% moisture for a cleaner, hotter burn. They have extremely low ash content of less than 0.4% is top on the market and is a result of the absence of bark in the pellets. Less pellets are wasted and less mess is made inside the stove! Northern warmth pellets offer excellent heat output and help to reduce the amount of cleaning required after use!

The Northern Warmth Purely Pine and Supreme Douglas Fir pellets are made from 100% natural materials.

Northern Warmth Purely Pine Wood Pellets Northern Warmth Doug Fir Wood Pellets









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